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Our fastest growing range is Ink On Fabric. Customers LOVE how easy they are to set up and how impressive they look compared to the usual modular solutions.

Exhibition displays have been stuck in the dark ages for a long time. Now, ‘next generation’ fabric solutions have arrived and can help turn your client’s shamefully dull display into an attention stealing stellar showpiece.

It doesn’t end there. Fabric can also help transform sanitised office environments into stimulating spaces. Take a look at the comfy seating, tables, meeting booths and acoustic screen covers for ideas on how to make the work place a more creative and comfortable place to be.

REDUCED! Istanbul Flags
1 from £49.00 £52.00

20% off Keswick 2.3m Slim
Pop Up Stand

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10% off New York
Straight Backdrop

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REDUCED! Waikiki Deck Chairs
1 from £55.00 £58.00

40% off Tablecloths
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10% off Pretoria Large C-shaped Fabric Booth
1 from £537.00 £597.00

10% off Rome Fabric
Curved Backdrop

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REDUCED! Boston Seating Cube
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50% off Fabric Box Graphic
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10% off Wellington Small C-shaped Fabric Booth
1 from £429.00 £477.00

10% off London 2.3m Fabric
Pop Up Stand

1 from £128.00 £143.00

10% off Osaka Tablet Display Stand
1 from £85.00 £90.00


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