• File checking service

What happens after you upload your artwork?

We want your files to print perfectly.

We want your graphic files to print without fuss and look exactly like you meant them to. Even if you’re a seasoned professional and are used to supplying files for print, please read these guidelines anyway – our process is likely to be different to what you’re used to. If you’re designing something complicated, please contact us before you start or look at our ‘How To’ guides.

What happens when we receive your file?

Upon receipt of your PDF, we’ll perform an automated FileCheck of your file with our preflight software, to ensure that it meets our production requirements. Our software is industry leading, and will correct many common issues ready for print.

Post FileCheck we will:

  • If no errors are found in your PDF then we will proceed to print without sending you a proof (Select Want a proof? Yes, if you would like a proof for this job).
  • If errors have been found and corrected that change the visual look of your graphic file then we’ll send you the results of your FileCheck with a list of found issues and what has been corrected.
  • If your PDF fails our preflight then we will request a new file. If you can’t correct the issue, you can select 'fix my file' and one of the central team will be able to assist.

Sometimes we can’t correct a file, such as a low resolution image, and in this case we’ll contact you to confirm how to proceed. If we have to make manual corrections to your PDF, a small fee may be incurred.

File Check preferences

From your Basket you can elect to receive a proof for each job, to not receive a proof or to receive a proof only if we spot issues.

The Results of your FileCheck

When you receive the results of your FileCheck please review all Warnings and Fixes before approving your job for print. If you have any questions regarding your online proof please give us a call.

I don’t have a PDF, can you work from my native file?

Yes, absolutely. We prefer PDF files, but if you don’t have one then we’ll be able to work with your native files. Please contact us to discuss your project further.

Please make sure you have read our the minimum essential guidelines before sending your files to us.