How to supply Full colour NCR Pads or Books

Gail Duncan
by Gail Duncan 3 years ago

Full colour NCR design templates

Download a template to start your design.

Bleed and Quiet Zone

Choose your template size for your NCR Pad or Book: A4, A5, DL or A6
Pads require a 6mm clear zone on each margin. Books require an additional clear zone to allow for perforation - see perforation positions in the next section down. The design templates have guidelines present for both pads and books and these are set up to be the correct size.

The templates contain a CLEAR ZONE -  you will need to keep printed content text/graphics within the clear zone. Treat the CLEAR ZONE as an unprintable area.

Artwork Bleed
Artwork bleeding off the page edge isn't available on any size of book or pad.

Perforation positions

BOOKS perforated at LEFT: If Binding at LEFT,
perforated at 15mm + additional 5mm clear zone = 20mm

BOOKS perforated at TOP: If Binding at TOP,
perforated at 15mm + additional 5mm clear zone = 20mm

PERFORATION for books: ALL COPIES in the book will be
perforated at 15mm and require an additional 5mm clear zone
(total 20mm clear zone) at top or left edge depending on which
perforation/binding edge you choose.

Perforations on A6 and DL Books
A6 and DL books can only be perforated and bound on the  SHORT EDGE ONLY.

Fonts and text

Avoid setting text below 6pt. Convert ALL fonts to outlines/paths.

Line thickness

The minimum positive and negative line stroke is 0.5pt.

Ink coverage

Avoid designing with large areas of solid ink, a large area is defined as an area larger than 50 x 100mm. Remember that NCR books and pads are printed in full colour.

If you are just using black, leave as 100% Black.

Tinted areas to be written on with more than 8% tint/shade value of colour may cause carbon transfer problems on duplicate copies. Keep tint/shaded areas between 5-8%.

Maxiumum recommended total ink level is 225%.

Printing on the reverse

i.e. terms/conditions etc, it is advised to tint/shade content to a maximum of 60% which reduces show-through of the front of document. Remember to mirror the perforation clear zone if
perforating vertically. Make this page 1 on your PDF.


Convert all colours to process CMYK. Spot colours, RGB and other colour spaces aren't supported.

Transparency and blends

Make sure ALL elements using transparency have their layers flattened.

Sequential numbering

Do NOT position/place the number on the PDF. If you do then that number WILL be printed on all copies. Please advise the starting number and position via finishing notes.

Numbering will be printed (black 14pt in Arial) on all copies, leave a clear zone of 30mm x 10mm for the number. The number will be 5 digits in 1 position only.

Drill/file holes

The holes are 5mm in diameter. Drilled at 80mm centre to centre. Leave a clear zone of 5mm around each hole. Holes will be approx 10mm from edge of sheet +5mm diameter.

Paper Sequence:

Only available as

  • 2 part - WHITE/PINK
  • 3 part - WHITE/YELLOW/PINK.

50 Sets per PAD or BOOK, glued/bound at one edge with board backing and white peel-off or inserted/removable writing shield.
Books are staple bound with spine tape.

Optional Extras:

Drill/File holes and Hinged writing shields are available, add these as required as finishing notes in your job in w3p.

Final PDF Generation

When creating final high-resolution ‘print-ready’ PDF, remove any/RED ‘Guidelines Layers’ from within the template by either hiding or deleting the guidelines layer. Remember to convert all fonts to outlines/paths.

Please ensure that your PDF is at least saved at version 1.4 onwards.