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Looking for a way to make a strong first impression in the business world? Look no further than our Matt Laminated Layered Business Cards.

These cards are crafted from top-quality Multiloft multi-layered stock, consisting of two thick matt laminated boards with one or two centre colours sandwiched in the middle. The result? A heavyweight card that exudes professionalism and sophistication.

Don't settle for flimsy, forgettable business cards - choose our Matt Laminated Layered Business Cards and make a lasting impact on potential clients and colleagues.

Three layers (Triplex) weigh in at 810gsm with a colour insert or 865gsm with a white insert.

Four layers (Quadplex) weigh in at an ultra-thick 1080gsm with 2 colour inserts or 1190gsm with white inserts.

Available centre layer colours:
Blu Raspberry Turquoise        
Cotton Candy Pink        
Grape Jelly Purple        
Gumdrop Green        
Lemon Drop Yellow        
Limeade Green        
Orange Fizz        
Pacific Breeze Cyan Blue        
Razzle Berry Magenta        
Wild Cherry Red

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