How to supply PVC Banners and Lamp Post Banners

James Scheck
by James Scheck 8 months ago

Artwork Elements

  • Do not remove anything from (nor move anything on) the Finishing layer.
  • Ensure backgrounds bleed to the document edge.
  • Make sure any text is clear of the (blue) Quiet Zone and backgrounds are adequately bled to the document page edge.
  • The Document Page Size includes a 50mm bleed on all 4 edges.
  • Eyelets are indicated by crosshairs (+ symbol) on our templates (and should be visible after FileCheck for banners with eyelets)
  • Supply artwork at 100% size at 150dpi.

Template Preview:

Custom Size PVC Banners

If you require a custom size you can set up your artwork as follows:

Example 1,000 x 1,000mm banner:

  • PDF page size: 1,050 x 1,050 (50mm bleed)
  • Finished size: 1,000 x 1,000

Our downloadable InDesign templates can also generate the above elements for you. Just search for product code LFPVCBX on the website or in our TGI Scripts for InDesign.

Beacon Lampost Banners

This double sided PVC banner should be designed according to the template which features unprinted areas. Downloading inDesign Templates within Flyerlink.

The Finishing layer must be exported and the file processed through Filecheck to remove the unprinted area guides from your artwork.

Failure to Filecheck your artwork will result in rejected artwork and delays to the print.

The unprinted areas are folded to create pole loops meaning the bleed indicated on page 2 will be visible on the front of the banner when created.

Check out this sample design and the production output for a better understanding.