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These cut-out figures are a great way to inject some fun into you POS, exhibition or event. Create your own life size characters to match your brand. We print and finish all our bespoke free-standing cut out figures using the very latest digital technology which means there is no premium for low volumes or one offs.

Choose between 5mm foamboard or 10mm reboard. Cut outs are supplied with easy to fit fins to the rear of the display for stability.

Oversize boards
Jobs longer than 2.4m will be cut in half for transportation. Please email for a
quote on the job being supplied as 1 piece. Items over 2m may require additional packaging to ensure safe transportation at an added cost.

File Supply
Please make sure to read our File Supply Guide for Shaped Signage Products before placing your order. Limits on complexity apply - please contact us for help and advice on producing your project.

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